True Time Remapping add-on for Blender 2.83+

15 ratings

True Time Remapping add-on for Blender 2.83+

Andrey Sokolov
15 ratings

- Works in Eevee, Cycles and Workbench render engines.

- Supports Multi-scenes setups and File Outputs nodes in the Compositor 

- 2 different keyframe-able modes: change the whole Speed or set exact Frames.

- Keyframe-able Motion Blur Stretch slider to control amount of motion blur compensation.

- Skip From Start and Skip From End values to be able to playback/render only this time-remapped frame range you need 

- Show Time Remapped Frame button to see what frame will be rendered at the current frame and to scroll between time-remapped frames one by one.

- Playback Time Remapped Animation button to preview time-remapped animation in motion.

- Render Time Remapped Frame and Render Time Remapped Animation buttons to render time-remapped single frame or the whole animation.

- Viewport Render Time Remapped Frame and Viewport Render Time Remapped Animation buttons to render viewport time-remapped single frame or the whole animation.


- Currently doesn't support rendering in the Video files formats (avi, mpeg, etc.). To render animation you will have to use Image Sequences formats instead (.png, .exr, .tiff and all others). Implementing video files formats output support is a separate complicated task which is not related to the Blender API. It may be done in the future versions but I can't promise it.

- Currently doesn't work with audio.

- Currently doesn't affect exporting 3D-objects like FBX, Alembic, OBJ sequences and others

- As what this add-on does is just remapping original frames to the new frames (+subframes), it doesn't stretch prerendered videos, image sequences and certain types of simulations, which are represented as constant frames sequences (like some Open VDB simulations). For any features that don't have any subframes/substeps data in them the closest to the current frame frame will be used.

- As Eevee motion blur in Blender 2.90 doesn't support subframes (it has been fixed for the latest builds in Blender 2.91), it will cause "steps" in the rendering animation when the speed is lowered. To improve this I am currently finishing my work on updating another add-on - True Motion Blur.

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Ultimate tool to control your overall Blender project's playback/render speed.


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